A stronger NGO’s involvement for Africa

Africa is in a continuous struggle to overcome its difficulties and gain balance in many areas such as human rights, financial transparence, medicine and social control. While natural resources are still in the hands of multinational corporations, millions of people are facing hunger, poverty, war and epidemics on a daily basis. It seems that the only way to increase their safety and wellbeing is through a stronger involvement of non-governmental organizations on the continent. This could enhance the evolutionary speed of developing countries and solve some of the many conflicts that scar the African population.

What are Africa’s biggest problems?

Both Africans and foreigners agree that Africa is in a dark pit of problems to which there does not seem to be an end in sight. One of the biggest issues there is poverty. This comes as a paradox, as this is the richest continent on the planet when it comes to raw natural resources. Unfortunately, foreign governments and corporations prefer to exploit them in the midst of poor social conditions and ongoing political conflicts. As long as the provincial communities are kept in a permanent state of financial decline, their economy will never be strong enough to sustain local production and profiteering.

Besides poverty, war is a common reality in Africa. While a few countries like Morocco, South Africa and Kenya have achieved political stability in the past decades, others are still marred by civil wars and petty arguments with their neighbors. Ongoing conflicts destroy communities and prevent them from developing new generations who could overcome these conditions. It also maintains adverse conditions for many Africans like sever hunger, exposure to epidemics and the lack of access to education.

How can NGO’s involvement help?

With the foreign interests blocking internal development, it is up to NGOs to intervene and change the course of events. Until now, only sparse efforts have been made to improve the life of the Africans. Organizations like UNICEF, Doctors without Borders and the Red Cross have based their action on collective funding and international aid. Now, it is time they receive more support in order to help the African countries surmount their struggles.

In most African countries, the goal of NGOs is to create a stable environment for durable peace. Once this is obtained, arrangements are made to help the local economy with international funds. Financial stability later leads to a higher chance for the younger generations to access education. This in turn builds a stronger society that can later sustain itself with very little help from the outside.

A stronger action equals a better world

A more visible involvement of NGOs in Africa is possible only through a stronger effort made by the international community. If people everywhere would be presented with a clear view of the African tragedies that take place daily, more individuals would realize just how important every small action is.

The non-governmental organizations base their interventions on financial donations and volunteer work. Anyone that can help them this way is welcomed to do so for the sake of humanity and a better future.